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Conveyor Systems

Gravity Conveyors
Skate Wheel Systems
wheel or skatewheel conveyors are used in the movement of light packages or when
light weight components are needed - use for transporting flat, smooth bottomed
surfaces such as cartons, totes, trays or plywood skids - keep eight (8) wheels
under the load - consider skatewheel curves for excellent corner tracking.

base specs:
frame 2-1/2 x 1 flange x 12 ga. galvanized frames - all welded construction
other hook and rod couplings standard
in stock 12 oaw, 10 wpf, 5 and 10 sections and curves
18 oaw, 16 wpf, 5 and 10 sections and curves
24 oaw, 20 wpf, 5 and 10 sections and curves
available aluminum frames and wheels, special lengths and widths and special dense pattern configurations